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10-year-old Kenichi Mitsuba is an average kid who goes to secondary school and struggles with his studies. He is very stubborn and lazy, therefore always ending up frustrating his parents and teachers. He loves to find an easy way out of everything much to the annoyance of Hattori.

Meanwhile, a little ninja named Kanzo Hattori becomes best friends with Kenichi. Hattori becomes a part of the Mitsuba family along with his brother Shinzo and his ninja dog, Shishimaru. Hattori helps Kenichi with his problems, constantly keeping an eye on him as a good friend. Yumeko is portrayed as Kenichi’s love interest….. (Source: Wikipedia)


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Anime television series
Directed by Fumio Ikeno,  Hiroshi Sasagawa
Studio Shin-Ei Animation
Original network TV Asahi
English network
Original run September 28, 1981 – December 25, 1987
Episodes 694 + 11 special episodes (List of episodes)

Ninja Hattori Anime Series Hindi Dubbed Download (忍者ハットリくんNinja Hattori-kun) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by duo Fujiko Fujio (and later by Fujiko A. Fujio) which was serialized between 1964 and 1988. It was later adapted into a television drama that aired on TV Asahi from 1966 – 1968; an anime series by Shin-Ei Animation, airing on Asahi from 1981 – 1987; a video game by Hudson Soft; two anime films by Shin-Ei and a live-action film. A remake of the 1981 anime series produced by Shin-Ei and the Indian animation firms Reliance MediaWorks and later Green Gold Animations has aired since 2013.

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