Call of the Night | Hindi Fan Dubbed | 1-13 EP

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Anime Information :
Name: Call of the Night (よふかしのうた) 
Release Year: 2022 – present
Season: 01
Episodes: 13
Genres: Romance | Supernatural | Adventure
Language: Hindi Dubbed [Fan Dubbed] 
Quality: 480p | 720p HD
Kou Yamori is a middle school student who struggles to understand the complex concept of love. He soon drops out of school as he sees little point in surrendering to routine. Suffering from insomnia due to their laziness, Kou wanders the streets alone at night.
One night, Ko Nazuna meets a strange girl named Nankusa who believes that people stay awake at night because they are not satisfied with how they spent their day and cannot rest until they release their temper. Nazuna offers to help Ko with his sleeping problems and invites him to her place, where she convinces him to share a futon with her. Feeling uneasy, Kou just pretends to be asleep—when Nazuna suddenly grabs her by the neck and reveals herself to be a vampire!
Although Kocha believes that the bite will turn him into a vampire, the details of the transformation are not so simple. To change, the one he truly loves must be bitten. Ready to leave his terrible mortal life behind, Kou sets a new goal: he will fall in love with Nazuna and become a vampire himself..

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